Here is where we will make available data and reports from survey work involving the Cluster

Tree Work Approval: Jan 22

As part of our NFM work, we will be using woody materials ie trees from on the cluster. Any tree work in our area has to have permission from YDNPA.

We also have wider plans in conjunction with The Swaledale Estate to resume management of the bankside alders on the Arkle Beck to increase resilience and to help reduce erosion.

All these works are currently covered under the following YDNPA permissions.

Lichen Survey: May 2021

Sue and Les Knight kindly offered to do a lichen survey for us. The results of which are here.

Heggs-Castle BioBlitz Survey Results: June 2021

Events were run in partnership with YDNP, Tees-Swale: Naturally Connected and Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust.

  • River Arkle Fish Survey
  • Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust Survey Data
  • BeeWalk Survey Report
  • YDNP Bat Monitoring Results

Three most common species:

Common Pipistrelles – 651 Results; Soprano Pipistrelles – 161 Results; Daubenton’s – 25 Results  

Other species:

Brown Long eared – 4 Results; Brants/Whiskered – 8 Results  (it’s really hard to tell these two apart in everything other than DNA); Noctule – 9 Results; Natterer’s – Results

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