Our project

Heggs-Castle Cluster location, NZ0301
Heggs-Castle Cluster Habitat MagicMap, Autumn 2021


Established in 2019 by three neighbouring landowners, Heggs-Castle Cluster is a collaborative nature restoration project across a combined 200-acre site, located one mile north-west of Reeth, North Yorkshire (central grid ref NZ0301).

Our aim is to increase biodiversity by restoring natural processes; thereby building more resilient ecosystems.

Over the coming years and decades, we hope to:

Diversify existing tree species composition through a mix of planting and natural regeneration.

Repurpose unproductive farmland into effective Natural Flood Management areas that reduce peak flow.

Create dynamic habitats that naturally fluctuate through open space, scrub and woodland.

Kick-start natural processes using domestic species as surrogates for locally extinct species, as well as human intervention where needed.

Build local community involvement through regular volunteer days, guided visits and co-hosted events with like-minded partner organisations.

Fancy getting involved? To join our volunteer mailing list, please email heggs.castle.cluster@gmail.com. Comments, questions and suggestions are also very welcome!

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