Welcome to our world…(well a big part of it)

We are three neighbouring landowners working together to ‘renature’ a combined 200-acre site in Arkengarthdale, North Yorkshire. Read more about our project

The idea of this website/blog is to document what happens on the cluster and to inform of ways in which the community can get involved on site and reconnect with the landscape.

Our aim is to keep the website very simple and easy to navigate. It will probably appear quite amateurish to some, but then we do this sort of stuff inside. We prefer to be outside whenever we can!

You are very welcome at our events, to get involved as a volunteer, and to contact us with any questions or feedback you might have.

Latest from the Blog

Size does matter

So we soon learned as many hands made light work yesterday removing tree shelters on The Cluster. Done alone, it can be a slightly soul destroying task. Done as part of a group and it immediately becomes tolerable… enjoyable even as you work together to liberate each tree from its outgrown PPE. This time ourContinue reading “Size does matter”

Woolly jumpers

You may remember that last winter we planted a lot of willow to try and stop some of The Cluster ending up in the North Sea? See here…https://heggscastlecluster.org/2022/03/11/how-was-your-day/ After the floods three years ago, a large land slip started which with every proceeding flood caused more to be washed into the Arkle and more landContinue reading “Woolly jumpers”

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