Winter volunteer days 2023

Expect something like this… only less green a background…

Want something to look forward to once the festive period has ended? Brighten up those dreary winter days by volunteering with us on the cluster!

Join us for a leisurely (yet productive!) morning’s work, followed by homemade soup, freshly-baked bread and cake – the perfect opportunity to carry on a good natter with like-minded folk, before heading home.

Days will run approximately 10am-2pm (including lunch), with details of meeting place and specific tasks circulated the week before.

Tasks include: planting trees and scrub, harvesting willow, replacing damaged guards and stakes, removing tree shelters, building sediment traps, and a host of other things we’ll think of as we go!

Example of a sediment trap built on The Cluster this Autumn

Dates for your diary: Saturday 7th January, Wednesday 25th January, Saturday 18th February, Thursday 9th March, Saturday 1st April (might there be another wild boar spotting?), Monday 17th April

To sign up for any of the above, please email us at

We hope to see many of you in the new year and thank you again for all your support in 2022!

Beautiful on The Cluster this week…but cold. Keep cosy folks!

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