Nesting waders, trees and blanket bog.

On part of the area where we are hoping to re-establish trees, both the issue of breeding waders with the associated calcarious grassland, and blanket bog have been flagged up as a possible concern. I was confident that we were not compromising any breeding waders as I did a fairly detailed survey a few yearsContinue reading “Nesting waders, trees and blanket bog.”

Bumbling about

This morning we learned how to survey bumblebees for the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme run by The Bumblebee Conservation Trust The Cluster survey involves walking a 1km ‘transect’ every week for 6 weeks, which is easy enough. The tricky bit is identifying the species of bumblebee. Luckily we have some very willing volunteers helpingContinue reading “Bumbling about”

Cowslip survey. Plantlife are running a cowslip survey to determine the quality of the grassland where they are found. Apparently there are two sorts (morphs) of cowslips and a roughly equal number of both signify healthy grassland. It’s a very easy survey to do with full instructions provided and you record your results on the associatedContinue reading “Cowslip survey.”