Bird ringing demonstration…nah another walk around.

Sunday 13th June. Very warm and sticky. Part 1.

Sadly no one had booked to come on our bird ringing demonstration walk. So we reorganised and had a wander around with a chap (and his wife) who had expressed an interest in the project and who is the Director of the Wildland Research Institute. Find Steve on Twitter @LandEthics

We had another lovely few hours. We found the oystercatchers nest mentioned yesterday and came across a slow worm (which looks like a snake but is actually a legless lizard).

Hopefully we can work with him and his colleagues at Leeds University to further our understand and knowledge of the cluster.

Oh, and he brought me some ‘chicken of the woods’ fungi which I later coated in panko breadcrumbs mixed with a spice/herb mix I’d made, and created ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken …of the Woods’ so he can come again.

Recipe available if you ask nicely!

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