A little rain must fall…

But why does it have to be 5 1/2 inches in just over three hours?

Three years ago today we had a bit of a shower which caused huge amounts of damage to both The Cluster and the surrounding area. TV crews flooded in (sorry) to the area to document and incorrectly report what was going on.

A search online will reveal hundreds of photos and reports that show the devastation of the event and how a community came together (albeit briefly) to repair the damage to lives and property. But below are some more personal ones. Firstly from on our Cluster and then a few from the locality. I was pleased to be able to find a use for my daughter’s old beach toys which she had long since grown out of, and which within minutes of being put outside the Bridge Inn at Grinton, were being enjoyed by a new generation of children!

Clockwise: Heggs track, Heggs ford, Heggs track, Castle barn.

All the above pictures were taken the following day. The pictures below show just how high the water had got at some properties. Amazingly and thankfully there were no casualties.

The Bridge Inn beach with a couple of properties from Fremington showing how high the water got.

Martin WW

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