Playing In Puddles

Monday didn’t dawn bright and clear. It was decidedly moist. Never mind, it wasn’t throwing it down or particularly windy so as planned we met up with our volunteers at 10am to plant some willow in the very wet bits of the land slip which we planted a couple of days earlier.

By lunchtime we had all our willow planted so we set up ’camp’ as it was still drizzling and had red soup (sweet potato, lentil and tomato with a dash of ever so exotic coconut) and brown cake (dark chocolate and sour cherry). All vegan natch.

After lunch we decided to move all the existing ’exclosures’ which are there to protect small areas from the darling bunnies, so we can properly survey the flora this year. As grass had grown through the mesh, having a few pair of hands to lift at the same time made it an easy job.

Another cup of tea and we ’broke camp’ and headed off home. A very useful and enjoyable day. Even Derek the dog (I think he’s a dog🤔🤔🤔) enjoyed himself.

Martin WW

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