Natural Flood Management (NFM)

Earlier today we had a very interesting and illuminating online meeting with various partners to talk about our plans for NFM work on the cluster. We are working with Durham University to model the outcomes of proposed works and we saw a presentation of how any measures would affect peak flows in the area.

The works proposed would all have a positive effect in reducing flooding risk and we are now looking forward to starting works as soon as consent from the Yorkshire Dales National Park has been granted.

As well as reducing flood risk, the new scrapes, ponds and leaky dams will be of great benefit for biodiversity (and residents lower down the Arkle hopefully).

We will blog about this in more detail in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Natural Flood Management (NFM)

  1. Hello,

    Who are you working with from Durham uni? I just graduated from the biology department in June and I wonder if I know the professors you’re working with.

    Thank you, Olivia



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