First Work Party of 2022

Yesterday saw volunteers from Sustainable Swaledale and Operation Raleigh Alumni tree planting and creating a new hedge line. An enjoyable day was had by all apparently.

The new hedge was planted close to a dry stone wall line that was completely washed away in the flood in July 2019. Rather than re-wall, it was decided to plant a hedge, which once established will be a lot more resilient to future flooding events.

The other task was to plant some trees in a field to try and recreate the ancient wood pasture which once covered the cluster (see earlier blog entry). We believe that by using trees in fields that are grazed (silvopastural agroforestry) we can benefit nature but also respect the local heritage of sheep farming. Although we only intend to graze lightly (and not with sheep) this system is used successfully in other places with large benefits to the local landscape and wildlife. This also helps reduce flooding believe it or not!

Huge thanks Christa from Tees Swale Naturally Connected for all her help and for providing our trees etc. Also many thanks to Carol Douglas from Together for Trees, and to Rob MacDonald from Sustainable Swaledale.


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