How was your day?

(Ours was pretty good…) Thankfully Thursday’s weather was decidedly spring-like. A tad breezy admittedly but very pleasant. I reckoned the four of us would be finished by lunchtime which would hopefully leave plenty of time for a wander afterwards. I had ‘processed’ the willow (chopped up into lengths and put a rather dashing point onContinue reading “How was your day?”


Wot u doin on Thursday? Helping us plant willow hopefully. If not, why not you ’naughty naughty things’? (in the words of English composer and leader of The Enid Robert John Godfrey…an eccentric and very talented man. See a cover of ’Wild Thing’ on YouTube to hear where the quote comes from…its quite something🤔🤔🤔. ButContinue reading “FLASH TREE PLANTING DAY”